How Much Does Asbestos Removal Cost?

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Before Do Any Asbestos Removal, Read How Much They Cost First!

When you have asbestos lay within your property, the best way to handle the problem is by getting rid of it. Remove the asbestos will give you a big favor, it will save and protect yourself and your family. But, asbestos removal is not a DIY process that you can conduct yourself. Asbestos removal will be a big favor if you do it in an appropriate and safe way. The safest way to do the asbestos removal if its conduct by a professional and experienced asbestos removal contractor.

Asbestos Removal Cost

Before you do the asbestos removal, better you get and look the full information about the process. You may get the information you needed from the Safe Work Australia or the local council in your area. It is because doing an asbestos removal is not an easy procedure, so you have to understand and get all the information about the process.

One of the information you needed is about how much does asbestos removal cost. The process of a right and safety asbestos removal starts from the asbestos testing, the removal process, replacements of the house parts with asbestos-containing material and disposal the asbestos waste in the right asbestos disposal site. We can say that the asbestos removal is a long and not a cheap process. It is better to find some way to save some money in the process. Do-It-Yourself removal is not a way to save some money. There is a way to save some money in the process like taking pictures of the asbestos-containing material products in your house to your asbestos removal contractor. So, you will save some money for paying the contractor’s survey visit in the asbestos testing process. And one more, do not skip any process in asbestos removal procedure.

In Australia, asbestos removal cost varies on each area. Asbestos removal cost mostly depends on three things, the size of the ACM product, the area and the obstacles in the removal area. For instances, the asbestos removal cost in Brisbane in a big scale work may cost more than $ 1.000. The removal cost is a crucial thing to know when you are going to do the removal process, right? So, here some rough estimation on the asbestos removal. It is because every removal contractor gives different and various pricing for the process. The estimate of the pricing may offer you the information to calculate the total cost of the procedure.

Like been said before, do not do any asbestos removal before do the asbestos testing. It helps to identify and recognize the asbestos material correctly and safely. The asbestos testing will require a lab test so that you will obtain a definitive result of the material. The testing cost will depend on the sample origin and the method utilized for examining the material. A complete and comprehend laboratory test with a report paper cost varies. Transmission Electron Microscopy or Scanning Electron Microscopy analysis will be more expensive than Polarized Light Microscopy analysis. The estimation of the asbestos testing labs in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane will cost around $100 to $150 for each sample. You may get a lower price if you test for multiples samples in some labs. You will the result within a week or two, to get a faster result you will get charged and have to pay more.

After you get the result, and it comes back positive, it means you have to call a licensed and professional asbestos removalist to get rid the asbestos from your house. Better use an experienced and insured removalist. It is because you need your contractor to have and wear the right protective equipment during the removal process DO NOT hire and let the unlicensed cowboy do the work!

Remember: There are two types of asbestos removal licensed, and they are Class A license and Class B license. The Class A license permit allow the contractor to remove all kinds of asbestos (friable and non-friable) ACM. The Class B license only allows removing the non-friable asbestos material. Hire the contractor based on the type of asbestos material within your house. For more information, you can visit

In the major cities like Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane asbestos removal cost is various, but the range is from $50-75 per sheet (1 sheet = 1 meter).

Here is the overview of the asbestos removal cost in Australia:

a. Brisbane
Large removal procedure will cost you around $1,500 to $2,500. Advisable for you and your family to find a place to stay when the process conducted.

b. Melbourne
The asbestos fencing removal will cost around $75 in an average small work. The clad, shed and frame evacuation charged about $80-$100 per square meter. Rooftop and tile expulsion will cost $80 for a square meter. Inward expulsion, for example, a roof, clad, restroom, and so forth cost about $50-$70 for a square meter.

c. Perth
Asbestos wall evacuation will cost about $50 a sheet for a base expulsion of $300. If you just needed to do a waste disposal, it is about $25 per sheet for work under 20 sheets. The material cost is around $70/a square meter in a base $350 of a work request. A shed with of 8×4 in size expense about $60 a meter. The outside cladding has a somewhat distinctive cost from the inside cladding for about $30 per square meter. The inner one is more costly, which is about $70 for a square meter if needed an air checking is about $1000. Roof removal will cost about $50, vinyl flooring about $100, and roof cost about $70, and those expenses are charged per meter.

d. Sydney
For an evacuating asbestos wall, it is going to cost about $50 for each sheet. The removalist companies have minimum cost from $250-$350. The cost is considered as the expense of troublesome work. Expelling a rooftop will cost more because, for the most part, it is a full expulsion of the rooftop alongside the protection. The work can cost you about $3,500 – $5,500. The new protection substitution is rejected from the cost. The shed expulsion will be charged about $80/meter for the average size. In any case, if you plan to keep the shed edge in place, that would spare you some cash. On the off chance that you need to expel overhang of the house, you will be charged around $1,500 – $2,500 for a three or four room house. Shouldn’t something be said about cladding evacuation? You ought to get about $15 to $40/square meter.

For removing asbestos fences, it will be cost about $50 for every sheet. Usually, the companies have a minimum price from $250-$350. The price is considered as the cost of difficult work. Removing a roof will cost more because usually, it is a full removal of the roof along with the insulation. The work can cost you about $3,500 – $5,500. The new insulation replacement is excluded from the price. The shed removal will be charged about $80 / meter for the average size. However, if you intend to keep the shed frame intact, that would save you some money. If you want to remove eaves of the house, you are going to be charged around $1,500 – $2,500 for a three or four bedroom house. What about cladding removal? You should get about $15 to $40 / square meter.

The best price is what you are looking for, but before taking an offer, you better do some background checking like their insurance, their license and how long they have been a contractor. It is crucial, and you do not want the removalist that you hired to do the unsafe asbestos removal.

Beware of the substance, and you have to take immediate action to prevent the further impact of asbestos exposures. The healthy of yourself and your family is a priceless treasure.

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