Asbestos Roof Removal: Easy and Safety Handling

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Asbestos roof removal is a dangerous substance to handle. You will not know whether you are exposed to the deadly effect or not. In spite of the danger, we can still see so many buildings and houses developed with some asbestos materials such as roof, tiles, shingles, and many others. Nevertheless, adding to the problem, we could get stuck with asbestos, as the removal process can be quite complicated and expensive. The presence of asbestos in your property can also affect the value of it. So, it is better for you to get rid of any asbestos materials in the building.

The asbestos roof is a product that is commonly found in Australia. This would result in the number of asbestos roof removal projects keep raising. However, an asbestos roof removal is not as easy as it looks. You may be tricked to pay a load of cash just to remove a small amount of asbestos roof, or you may put yourself in danger by hiring the wrong guy that doesn’t know how to handle asbestos the right way.

Asbestos Roof Removal: Easy and Safety Handling

The first thing you should have an asbestos roof removal done is by contacting your local council to get the list of asbestos removal within the area, or else, you can find the information in Asbestos Removal page Get yourself quotes from several contractors for similar prices that suit the budget. For your information, the cost of asbestos roof removal can range between $100 to $500, depends on the service, area of service, and roof size. DON’T FORGET to ask about the contractor’s licenses and their insurance coverage. After all, you want asbestos roof removed from your property for the sake of your health, right?

Before you contact, the contractor, it is better for you to check your roof condition, but remember, just do it visually. You can check whether the roof is damaged or broken. When it does happen, you can dampen the area with water. The wet condition can reduce the possibility of asbestos fibers to be released into the air. You also need to cover the damaged roof with some plastic. Taking pictures of your roof and send them to the contractor is another way to save your money and time because you don’t have to pay for the contractor visit just to check your property’s roof.

In any circumstances, you must never work on the removal by yourself; better get an experienced service. But, no one can forbid you to know and understand the process of asbestos roof removal so can find out if the contractor makes errors. The first objective to take care in handling asbestos is safety. Every worker who works on asbestos must wear their protective overall, including masks and gloves. They must also put the asbestos danger sign around the area so the surrounding people can aware of what is going on.

The workers will start by spraying the asbestos roof with PVA glue to keep the fibers intact and encapsulated. Next, all the roof screws are being removed from the asbestos sheets. Then the asbestos roof is removed and placed in stacks. Another spraying of PVA glues is applied to the stacks. When every sheet of the asbestos roof has been removed and stacked, the workers vacuum the cavity of the roof to suck in all of the remaining asbestos fibers. It would be the best time to do a pest control because there are plenty of room to do it when the roof is wide open.

Meanwhile, the stacked asbestos roof sheets will be put on the ground using a crane. Afterward, all of the stacked asbestos sheets are put into a heavy-duty bag and labeled asbestos. Then, the piled asbestos sheets are ready to take to an asbestos landfill. Broken asbestos roof sheets should be wrapped in a different bag, and it should always be wet as broken asbestos sheets have larger chances to make the fibers airborne.

Any work related to asbestos must have the right permit and licenses, starting from the assessment process, removal, to the transport and dumping. It is because asbestos is considered as a dangerous substance. The exposure of asbestos to our health can cause a long term effect. Mesothelioma, which is the scarring of mesothelium tissue due to the piercing of asbestos fibers, is one of the rarest and the most feared disease caused by asbestos.

Many sufferers have felt the effects, and the number of asbestos victims keeps growing each year. Nevertheless, the awareness of hazardous asbestos material is also increasing. People who have asbestos in their buildings and houses are giving their effort to remove the asbestos.

Therefore, it would be helpful if you start to understand about the right way in handling asbestos, especially those on your property. The better you know about the safety procedure, the safer you and your family will be. You can find the guide on how to face asbestos safely from Safework website.

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